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Cycling Tours

Embark on an exhilarating cycling adventure through Albania’s diverse landscapes and charming cities with TourAlbania’s Cycling Tours. Discover the country’s most visited destinations from a unique perspective as you pedal along scenic routes, winding roads, and coastal paths.

Begin your cycling journey in Tirana, the vibrant capital nestled between the Dajti Mountain and the Adriatic Sea. Explore the city’s bustling streets, lively markets, and cultural landmarks such as Skanderbeg Square and the Blloku district, before venturing into the surrounding countryside for a scenic ride through olive groves and vineyards.

Pedal your way to the coastal city of Durrës, where ancient history and modern charm converge along the Adriatic coastline. Cycle along the picturesque waterfront promenade, explore the ruins of the Amphitheatre of Durrës, and soak in the sun-drenched ambiance of Albania’s oldest city.

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